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#Sign4Change 2019

We're taking your climate change stories directly to the leaders who have the power to do something about it. In December, Care About Climate and the #climatesign movement are going to COP25 -- the UN's annual gathering where international climate policy is created. It's the big leagues. And that's where your words will be heard. Submissions will be shared on our digital platforms and at COP25 and will be delivered to your country's negotiators, where possible, to demand increased action on climate change!

Tell us your story; write a letter to your country, your country's leadership, or the world. How has climate change impacted you? Your community? Why do you Care About Climate? Why do we need to stop human contributions to climate change immediately? If your story is best told through artwork or photographs, we welcome that too! Here’s how to participate:

1. Submit your letters, artwork, and photos about your experiences with climate change by clicking the button below.
2. Post a picture with the Climate Sign (the hand sign for the letter “C”) on social media, along with a description of your experiences with climate change. Use #sign4change and #climatesign so we can see your post!
3. Invite your community to participate.
4. Your submissions will be shared on social media and at COP25 and delivered to your country’s negotiators to push for climate action!

We welcome you to share your story anytime, but to ensure your submission gets to negotiators at COP 25, we recommend you submit as soon as possible!

Priority deadline: November 22, 2019.