About Alba Ruby Ramo

1) How would you as a director navigate the current international political environment to further Care about Climate’s mission? 

I would align myself with allies from all sorts of politics beliefs. I do not think my personal political leanings and economic preferences really matter in climate change mitigation. Climate change is not a national or partisan issue, it is a global issue and it affects us all. By empowering minorities that are otherwise muffled by a majority in various political groups, perhaps, we can showcase the diveristy of people who believe that cliamte change in something that should be addressed. That way we can show the international community that climate change does not only belong to certain groups. 

How would you contribute to and improve current Care About Climate programs?

My most valuable contribution, as of right now, will be volunteering my time and knowledge. I would love to see the ambassador program flourish and spread out. Perhaps support the local climate ambassadors or help assemble a local team with my local team or help assemble a local team with my local team of directors. I will gladly volunteer in local initiatives. 

I can help my fellow directors promote involvement in Care About Climate from different communities like the local Hispanic or student populations. As a former student and a Hispanic woman, I would love to see these groups get involved with Care About Climate. 

What I will game by being a part of this project is knowledge. I like to think that I'll never stop being a student and I hope to gain many teachers from all walks of life who also care about climate. 

What do you see as the most important aspect surrounding climate change that we need to face as a society?

I think one of the most important things we can do as a society to face climate change is ackowledge its empericial existence. We can then let our leaders know that we ackowledge it as a moajority and demand representation. Unfortunatley, there are some cohorts with influence and power that affirm climate change as a tool of political propaganda rather than a security risk that affects us all. Climate change has no political affiliations or economic preferences. 

Also, once we have established that it is currently happening, we can look into its anthropogenic drivers and address those in our daily lives at the individual level. We can then take the steps necessary in our daily lives to make chages and work towards chagned at the communal level and so on.