Online Youth Exchange

    The Online Youth Exchange program works to educate, empower and unite  an international community of youth environmental activists, to create change in their local communities

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    • 4 webinar-based training calls held each month

    • “Penpal” discussion partners from another country

    • One-on-One mentorship

    • Tools to facilitate local community engagement

    Throughout the course of OYE, participants will work together to discuss environmental issues- doing comparative studies and listening to each others' stories. But most importantly, we will discuss solutions. By working together, sharing information and projects, and connecting on campaigns, we can be a strong lobby for change on our university campuses, communities, and on the global level. Our graduates are social entrepreneurs, conservation leaders, delegates to UN conferences, and impassioned students of sustainability, environmental science, meteorology or foreign languages.

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      2016-2017 PARTICIPATION

      • 97 Participants.
      • 24 countries from 6 continents, including Afghanistan, Chile, China, Egypt, France, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago and more.

      By the end of the 8-month long program, participants made a new friend or two, presented a webinar on an issue of their choosing, learned strategies for how to be a better activist, and gained knowledge on environmental issues and potential solutions.

      We would love to partner with you on this initiative:

      1. Outreach: Share this program with your organization’s members and encourage them to participate in the program.

      2. Coordination: Share a leader from your team with us to be the liaison between OYE members who join through your organization and the program. We will provide them with mentorship training and support them to communicate regularly with your participants to brainstorm for On-The-Ground actions. 

      3. Partnership: Join CAC & CYCAN as a OYE partner. Share a member of your leadership team who can help direct the program and manage the program. You will be able to include your contributions to the success of OYE on your annual reports. Minor financial commitments may be requested to support the software necessary for the continued success of the program. Access to this software for your organization's use would be available upon request. 


      About Our Partners: 

      China Youth Climate Action Network (CYCAN)
      Founding Partner

      Our mission is to coordinate and provide services for organizations interested in promoting youth participation in civil society. Building on our domestic and international contacts we want to build a sustainable low carbon future. We want to inspire and guide young people to grasp the opportunities in China and tackle the challenges of climate change and the transition to a sustainable energy future. We support Chinese youth to become a new driving force to achieve global sustainable development.

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       Online Youth Exchange team  July, 2017. Tianjin, China.

      Online Youth Exchange team

      July, 2017. Tianjin, China.

      Our Partners for OYE