Nick Jones  


1) What previous strategic planning, board, or supervisory experience do you have?

I was one of the co-founders of Care About Climate in 2014 and I discovered I could best serve the organization on the board of directors.  I had the honor of being nominated and elected as chairperson. Chairing the board is a mix of guiding and creating a space where everyone feels safe to engage and contribute.  The CEO and I have a close relationship and we often bounce ideas off one another on approaches to certain opportunities or issues that arise. This has led to many positive outcomes for CAC.  I have been a lead on the past 4 UN Conference Of the Parties delegations as well. 

Beyond my time at CAC - I  founded my own company, worked in election and water policy in state government, specialized in expansion and strategic planning for several major startups, am on the LGBTQIA+ ERG board for Lime, and have 10+ years of management experience running teams from 3-100 people.  

I believe the key to the health of any organization is creating and maintaining a dynamic culture where people feel empowered to be their truest selves and are given the resources they need to go after projects they are passionate about.  This fosters a sense of community where everyone is helping one another. 

2) How would you contribute to and improve current Care About Climate programs?

I am currently serving as the board supervisor for Care About Climate’s UN Conference of the Parties delegation.  I will continue to foster an environment where delegation leads feel empowered to build the strongest group and provide assistance in planning their strategies and procedures.  Beyond supervising I also serve on the delegation each year, helping to execute CAC’s mission while networking to connect people within the organization to the best external resources.  I also attend a weekly synch meeting with all program heads to provide board perspective and ensure they have the resources they need to continue developing their programs. This includes having an open door policy for all program leads where they can ask me for input on what they’re working on or how to build out a budget for a specific program.

3) What do you see as the most important aspect surrounding climate change that we
need to face as a society?

Climate change is an almost unfathomable issue due to the breadth of all aspects it encompasses.  This is why so many people try to ignore it, since actually paying attention to it can be overwhelming.  I think we need to face two major issues as a society: 

1) We need to have solidarity with and empathy for one another.   Movements may be made up of individuals but it is the connections between those individuals that create the momentum needed to shift the status quo.  I believe icons like the Climate Sign help normalize this solidarity by identifying people in the community to others that they are focusing on climate issues. 

 2) The second major aspect I can identify is the importance of policy.  There will not be change without first achieving national and international solidarity and empathy as I first identified.  However, in the meantime we need to be packing as many youth into climate conferences as possible. Getting those voices into those spaces and negotiation rooms is how we continue to make progress within the machine until we have enough support externally to elect the people necessary to ratify the policies we are advocating for.