Unite for Climate by joining one of our programs!

Unite for Climate by joining one of our programs!

Welcome to Care About Climate!

It is only with you that Care About Climate can continue expanding the dialogue around the climate movement, so THANK YOU!

You make this movement important and worthwhile. Your financial support will allow us to connect more people so that everyone can recognize the amazing climate action happening around the world!

It is only together that we can tackle the greatest challenge the world has ever encountered! Thank you for being a sustaining force of this community.


At CAC, we want every member involved in the climate movement to share their voice. That is why every person who makes a financial donation and/or purchase will get a year-long membership.  Membership at Care About Climate includes the following benefits:

  • Voting and/or running for our Board of Directors annually;

  • Serving on official committees to help decide the future of the organization;

  • Receiving monthly updates about Care About Climate, including updates about available positions within our company, access to all our training and programs, and advances on upcoming events and projects;

  • All donations are tax deductible.


Thanks for being a part of this movement with us!