About Molly Barth 


1) How would you as a director navigate the current international political environment to further Care about Climate’s mission? 

Care About Climate's mission calls to advocate for more effective climate change solutions. Obviously, one of the more impactful methods of change is through public policy. We should be able to agree that climate change is a bi-partisan issue affecting all of us, but the ideal candidates to implement these policies can vary dramatically depending on our other political stances. While it can be tempting to openly align with certain political groups or candidates that we personally believe to be champions for the environment, it can also quickly create polarization. As a director, I would relay facts versus opinions to encourage our members and affiliates to vote for politicians with a strong platform of climate change policy and environmental protections regardless of party affiliation. I would remain neutral in debates based on emotion rather than information and represent Care About Climate in a way that celebrates education and inclusiveness. I would continue my commitment to unifying people by appealing to our shared humanity and desire to live and thrive on a Earth that can continue to support us. 

How would you contribute to and improve current Care About Climate programs?

I am currently serving as the Treasurer on the Board of Directors. My main background is in accounting and finance and I use these qualifications to assist Care About Climate in creating financial statements for grant applications and year end tax preparation. I also work with Natalie in the filing of our annual Form 990. While my interactions with Care About Climate's programs are limited, I save us considerable expense in our bookkeeping and tax return preparation.

I also volunteer annually with the City of Flagstaff Arts and Science Grant Fund Committee. Each grant cycle, I read 40+ grants and submit my recommendations for funding. I have gained an inside perspective in the grant funding process and would love to share my insight with Care About Climate as they apply for future grants.

What do you see as the most important aspect surrounding climate change that we need to face as a society?

Climate change can be a difficult topic to face head on. It's scary and so much of the educational content surrounding the issue is gloom and doom. It's hard to garner support and enthusiasm when people feel hopeless. We need to re-train ourselves to educate on a platform of hope and solutions so that we can be excited about our cause. We need to empower people to not only implement small-scale changes in their own lives, but also give the the shared voice to hold large corporations, politicians, and governmental agencies accountable for their impact on the Earth. If we can change society's shared perspective to one of optimism, we have a much better shot at unifying for positive change.