Become a Monthly Donor - Free Gift!

We are celebrating our 5th year anniversary from our original founding date of February 14th, 2014! Join in the celebration and receive a FREE GIFT of a Climate Sign pop socket for your phone! Become a monthly donor and we will send you your free gift! 

This is a limited time offer! 

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Become a Monthly Donor - Free Gift!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, don’t forget to shower some love on the climate as we reach our 5th year anniversary this February 14th! Become a monthly donor to help support all of our programs and volunteers! Help us Unite for Climate Action!


By becoming a monthly donor you also become a member of CAC! This gives you access to a network of traditional and non-traditional environmentalists who are uniting around climate change! The following benefits will be available to members:

  • Voting and/or running for our Board of Directors annually;

  • Serving on official committees to help decide the future of the organization;

  • Receiving monthly updates about Care About Climate, including updates about available positions within our company, access to all our training and programs, and advances on upcoming events and projects;

  • All donations are tax deductible.