Zero hour march membership special

Care About Climate is partnering with Zero Hour, a 100% youth led initiative focusing on promoting active climate policy within our government. To support this movement, we are offering a membership special for you! If you register for a 1 year membership with Care About Climate, you will receive, as a free gift, the full three (3) Care About Climate sticker bundle! 

Sign up for a yearly membership and get your free sticker bundle! This is a limited time offer! 

The Zero Hour event involved a full day of lobbying on Capital Hill where youth 5-19 led the meetings with our US senators and representatives. On July 21st, there is a public march and protest that will take place in Washington DC. There are also sister marches in several cities in the United States and around the world. Learn more here! 

Becoming a member of CAC gives you access to a network of traditional and non-traditional environmentalists who are uniting around climate change! The following benefits will be available to members:

  • Voting and/or running for our Board of Directors annually;

  • Serving on official committees to help decide the future of the organization;

  • Receiving monthly updates about Care About Climate, including updates about available positions within our company, access to all our training and programs, and advances on upcoming events and projects;

  • All donations are tax deductible.