Jack Turner


1) What previous strategic planning, board, or supervisory experience do you have?

I served for 4 years on the Executive Committee of the Ohio Sierra Club, and another 18 months on the Executive Committee, and subsequently the “Core Team” at the Sierra Student Coalition. I co-ordinate the Cleveland Hub of the Sunrise Movement, and I am working with a team to build a renewable energy startup company.

2) How would you contribute to and improve current Care About Climate programs?

There are three key things I hope to work on with Care About Climate. 1) I think that, given the nature of its founding, Care About Climate is well positioned to build ties between different environmental and environmental justice organizations, which bring different strategies and perspectives to the movement. 2) I have an academic background in organization management, and I hope to find ways to maximize the efficiency of each of Care About Climate’s ongoing project. 3) Finally, I would like to work to get this organization more resources to carry out its work, especially finding additional financing for Care About Climate.

3) What do you see as the most important aspect surrounding climate change that we need to face as a society?

Climate change (and environmental degradation more generally) has progressed to such an extent that preventing further pollution is to little to late. We need to get organizations both large and small working together to repair the environment and climate. I think of this as “reparations for nature.” This would involve eliminating fossil fuels, and other destructive industries. But it would also involve restoring forests, coral reefs, prairies, etc, removing greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere, and finding ways to replace extinct species.