Bill Nye membership special

Bill Nye and Carl Pope came to St. Louis, Mo for Earth Day 2018 and gave amazing presentations about the future of our climate! For a limited time, Care About Climate is offering our Bill Nye  Membership Special!

Sign up today and receive a 2 year membership, in addition to, an eco-friendly Care About Climate t-shirt! This special only lasts until Earth Day, April 22nd, so act now! Donate at least $30 and you will receive your 2 year membership along with your own Care About Climate t-shirt!


After completing your donation, you will be directed to a page to receive your Tshirt!

Care About Climate t-shirts (as modeled below) are 100% certified organic cotton! Donate at least $30 for a 2 year membership and receive your own shirt now! 

Becoming a member of CAC gives you access to a network of traditional and non-traditional environmentalists who are uniting around climate change! The following benefits will be available to members:

  • Voting and/or running for our Board of Directors annually;

  • Serving on official committees to help decide the future of the organization;

  • Receiving monthly updates about Care About Climate, including updates about available positions within our company, access to all our training and programs, and advances on upcoming events and projects;

  • All donations are tax deductible.