David Ebertz

1)     What previous strategic planning, board, or supervisory experience do you have?

I have had the immense privilege to be a part of Care About Climate, Inc from the beginning of its creation. Along with Natalie Lucas, I helped form the organization from the ground up and once we had a framework, I took a position as Vice Chair on the Board of Directors. Over these past 5 years, I have spent countless hours and resources working towards improving this organization. As a board member for 5 years, I have seen experienced all our victories, but also all the shortcomings that we had to struggle through as a family. But those struggles are the moments that I remember most during my time as a board member, as its during those times that we came together the strongest as officers and board members.


A constant thought on my mind is how best to assure the future of Care About Climate. Each year we grow, take on new projects, new members, and new volunteers. I never want us to lose our vision of empowering others, especially those that normally would not have a voice, to become part of the international climate change movement. I am happy that each year we have been able to add to this vision without distorting it. My role within Care About Climate has ranged from strategic development, to graphic design, to marketing, to internal affairs, to on the ground climate action, and more. I have strived to always give whatever is needed for Care About Climate whenever possible. This is an organization that I am personally invested in and will never stop supporting the drive and people of this group. I have gained immense knowledge and friendship within this organization. Because of this all, I have the experience and knowledge to further help drive this wonderful organization.

2) How would you contribute to and improve current Care About Climate programs?

As one that has helped lead and create different programs and marketing strategies within Care About Climate, I know how to find new ideas and how to bring in new people to grow and expand our organization. Especially as I have now entered into a new professional world within the medical community, I have gained larger connections and networks that could allow Care About Climate to seek further funding and sources that connect the climate movement with health centered communities. Climate change has a direct, currently present impact on peoples’ health across the planet. As temperatures alter, weather patterns drive insects and other vectors of disease to new endemic regions, global disasters rise in intensity and increase harm to residents, contributors are carbon pollution are directly toxic to children’s development and safety, waterborne disease causing bacteria thrive as our waters become polluted, and animal handling facilities byproducts, increased heat, and weather disasters directly impact the mental health of millions. All of this and more make climate change not just a global disaster, but a health disaster as well. As one within the medical community, I can help connect our organization with those within the medical community that have seen this connection and are passionate to this health crisis.

3) What do you see as the most important aspect surrounding climate change that we
need to face as a society?

In a society where global disasters, political corruption, and domestic violence within our schools have nearly become a norm for people to except, it is easy to approach the climate movement with a sense of fear and demise as another among many disasters of our time. And amongst this chaos, many can feel powerless to impact change, especially one such as large scale as climate change. Because of this, many people stay out of the climate movement or fail to find a way to significantly contribute to positive change. This is especially true in regions where political will for any positive climate action is minimal or non-existent. I believe that this is the largest obstacle for people to join in the global effort for climate, and in turn, contributes to the most important aspect of climate change that we as a society need to face: a wide-spread, unified passion to fight for our climate. Either surrounded by feelings of insignificance or crippled by fear of a lost cause, countless people have stayed separate from joining the global flight for climate.

Our world is one in which change is only driven by mass, viral passion, with a large proportion being on our online world. Because of this, in order to make political will a reality, mass support for climate change will need to become viral; to make positive climate action, we will need an online, unstoppable presence. As countless fads, passions, and interests are driven by younger and younger generations, I know that the aim of Care About Climate must constantly include the engagement of our youth. With an aim to make our climate movement viral, an organization such as Care About Climate must incorporate those that can make this a reality. Connecting youth around the world online and in person will be the key to solving our climate.