Curtis Parsons


1) What previous strategic planning, board, or supervisory experience do you have?

In my current professional position, as the Manager of Visitor Operations and Volunteers at the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House, I am a manager for four part-time staff and over 150 permanent year-round (non-episodic) volunteers. My role is primarily recruitment, supervision, and culture-building. I oversee all the continuing education/professional development opportunities for the volunteers of the Butterfly House, and strive to build a culture centered around environmental education and stewardship.

2) How would you contribute to and improve current Care About Climate programs? I have an extensive background in education, particularly programs that deliver a message of sustainability and environmental impact. I strive to share ways in which everyday decisions that can easily be viewed as insignificant can make a big difference if implemented by large groups of people. It's all about empowerment, education, and a sense of community on local, state, federal, and worldwide levels. I bring with me strong education and communication skills to help spread these crucial messages, as well as building strong senses of community and unity.

3) What do you see as the most important aspect surrounding climate change that we need to face as a society?

I believe the most important aspect of climate change is to approach the issue in a two-fold manner. It must be approached "top-down" and "bottom-up" simultaneously. The "top-down" portion of the approach is pushing for laws and governmental policies that force large corporations and governmental agencies to make large sweeping changes with positive environmental impact. While the "bottom-up" piece entails buy-in on a large-scale by entire communities of individuals, doing small acts and making more subtle life changes with positive impact. These can be achieved by breaking barriers and finding common ground to unite all parties toward the common goal of environmental stewardship.