Lanzamiento de la 15ta Conferencia Anual de la Juventud (Espanol)



21 de junio de 2019

BONN, ALEMANIA.- Los miembros de YOUNGO, la circunscripción oficial de la juventud a la UNFCCC, anunciaron hoy, junto con representantes de las presidencias de la COP24 y la COP25, el lanzamiento de la 15ta Conferencia Anual de la Juventud.

La COY15 dará la bienvenida a 2.000 jóvenes de todo el mundo a la ciudad patrimonio de la humanidad de La UNESCO, en Valparaíso, Chile, del 28 al 30 de noviembre para la conferencia anual de YOUNGO.

En esta conferencia de tres días, jóvenes de todo el mundo intercambiarán experiencias, conocimientos y mejores prácticas para fortalecer el Movimiento Internacional por el Clima Juvenil e involucrar a las próximas generaciones en el desarrollo de soluciones y acciones climáticas.

Nos gustaría extender nuestra invitación a unirse a nosotros este mes de noviembre. Le daremos el honor de recibirle en la Universidad Federico Santa María, una de las universidades más prestigiosas del país, con vistas al dilema climático del Océano Pacífico más allá de la históricamente importante bahía de Valparaíso.

Alvaro Alfaro Morales, uno de los coordinadores generales para el evento dijo, “Los jóvenes pueden liderar un cambio que rompe los patrones del pasado y coloca al mundo en un futuro más sostenible y en un planeta más resiliente. Y juntos empoderaremos a los jóvenes para un nuevo estándar de acción sobre el cambio climático en las comunidades locales y globales.”

Facilitadora: Yugratna Srivastava, YOUNGO BLT


Sr. Niclas Svenningsen, UNFCCC

Sr. Cristián Varela, Presidencia de COP25 

Sr. Andrés Landerretche, Presidencia de COP25

Srta. Serena Bashal, YOUNGO

Srta. Clara Von Gaslow, YOUNGO COY WG

Sr. Alvaro Alfaro Morales, Equipo COY15 

Srta. Bernardita Castillo, Equipo COY15 

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15th Annual Conference of Youth Launches (English)



June 21, 2019

Bonn, Germany. Members of YOUNGO, the official youth constituency to the UNFCCC announced today, alongside representatives from the COP24 and COP25 presidencies, the 15th annual Conference of Youth Launch.

COY15 will welcome 2,000 youth from around the world to the UNESCO World Heritage city of Valparaíso, Chile, from 28th to 30th November, 2019 for YOUNGO’s annual conference. 

“We would like to extend our invitation to join us this November. We will honored to receive you at The Federico Santa María University, one of the most prestigious universities in the country, overlooking the the Pacific Ocean beyond the historically important bay of Valparaíso.” said Finance Coordinator, Bernardita Castillo. 

In this three day conference, youth from around the world will exchange experiences, knowledge and best practices to strengthen the International Youth Climate Movement and involve next generations in developing climate solutions and actions. 

Young people can lead a change that breaks the patterns of the past and places the world in a more sustainable future and a more resilient planet. And together we will empower youth for a new standard of action on climate change in local and global communities.

Alvaro Alfaro Morales, one of two General Coordinators for the event said, “What characterizes us as a Chilean society is our resilience, that capacity to move forward, helping each other to stand up again.... For this reason, this year’s event will be designed to empower youth for a new standard of action on climate change in local and global communities.”


Facilitator: Yugratna Srivastava, YOUNGO BLT


Mr. Niclas Svenningsen, UNFCCC

Mr. Cristián Varela, COP25 Presidency

Mr. Andrés Landerretche,  COP25 Presidency

Ms. Serena Bashal, YOUNGO

Ms. Clara Von Gaslow, YOUNGO COY WG

Mr. Alvaro Alfaro Morales, COY15 Team

Ms. Bernardita Castillo, COY15 Team

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Talanoa Mada ~ Youth Stand for Climate Action

 November 8, 2017  CareClimate

For the past three days, over 1000 students, youth and young professionals converged in a high school in the outskirts of Bonn to define policy goals for COP, share strategies, and brainstorm ideas for how to combat climate change. The Thirteenth Conference of Youth, or COY13, was a place for youth to come together to prepare for the UN climate change conference (COP23) and another year of environmental activism around the world.

Participants raise the Climate Sign during the Opening Ceremony. Photo courtesy of COP13 PR team.

There were over 300 program contributions, consisting of workshops, presentations, and panel discussions. There was also an art space active throughout all three days, where the participants could make banners and signs for the Climate March, as well as other actions directed at building momentum and pushing negotiators towards stronger action.

One session that I felt was really helpful was called “Combatting Isolationism in the Environmental Movement. The session recognized the number of environmentalists killed annually: a sobering 100 activists, or two a week, worldwide. It also addressed the issue of disconnected activists, who work outside the framework of a formal organization. For them, it can be extremely difficult, and even dangerous to do their work. Without resources, recognition, or support, they are most likely to burn out or be discouraged.

Photo courtesy of COY13

At the end of the session, we talked about how we all must work together. We are all working towards the same goal, of stronger commitments to greenhouse gas emission reduction, reforestation, reduction of plastic and food waste, and access to climate change education, mitigation resources, and adaptation strategies for people all around the world, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender or wealth.

This communal theme ran through all of COY, and positive energy flowed through all the participants as we engaged in the conference theme of Talanoa Mada, which essentially means “Let’s talk” in Fijian. It connotes a participatory dialogue about how to combat issues that affect the entire community. As we move into the first week of COP23, the participatory dialogue will be a focus of the Fijian Presidency. Lagi Seru, a Fijian delegate and COY13 team member, describes Talanoa Mada:

Lagi Seru from Fiji. Photo courtesy of COY13

Talanoa is an everyday part of Fijian life. Creating a harmonizing environment for all, it brings together people to give thoughts and share opinions without the fear of retribution. People can freely voice their concerns, no finger pointing, and take the time to offer practical solutions at this space.”

Throughout COY13, special care was taken to support diversity, inclusion, well-being and equity, so that everyone felt that their voice were heard and valued. So many solutions were shared through case studies, brainstorming sessions, and workshops over the three day conference, and the participants left on Saturday encouraged, motivated and united for climate action, whether in their local communities, on their school/university campuses, and during COP23.

With youth from 114 countries worldwide, there was a great diversity within the venue. Everywhere you went, there was a burst of languages, laughter, and bright colors- from the clothing, flags, and signs born by the participants. Despite, or more accurately, because of the great diversity, there was a sort of synergy. Together, with so many different ideas, perspectives and experiences, we are able to overcome any roadblocks and obstacles we faced. Policy papers were written on behalf of the working groups, new partnerships were formed between overseas organizations, and those going into the COP23 negotiations were carefully prepared for strategic engagementduring the conference. COY13 was an incredible model of collaboration and participation. Whether it was through their food waste diversion programs, or morning yoga sessions, it gave us all the energy & focused determination that we needed to move into the tough negotiations of these next two weeks.

Vikaka & Danke to the entire COY13 organizing team!

COY13 Stands in Solidarity for climate action using the Climate Sign, with Fiji PM & COP23 President Frank Bainamamara, Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa, Mayor Ashok-Alexander Sridharan, & UNFCCC Focal Point on Education & Youth Adriana Valenzuela.

By Sarah Voska

Sarah Voska is a delegate to the UN climate change conference, COP23, and the director of the Online Youth Exchange. She studies Sustainable Management at University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Use the #ClimateSign to join the fight against climate change. Contact us at with any questions!