Eric Mbotji’s Journey in Empowering the Youth

This inspiring involvement comes from an individual who is part of the Online Youth Exchange. During this program, Eric,  worked with others  to discuss environmental issues, doing comparative studies, and became informed of the realities faced in other countries. Most importantly, there is a great deal of discussing solutions. Attached is Eric’s solution to empowering the youth by teaching them that challenges can be transformed into opportunities!

Eric Mbotiji,  a youth  leader  from Cameroon,  took a trip to the northern region of his country to find out about the situation  of the primary school education and these are the images he brought (attached below). There were children sitting  on stones to learn. The class rooms are made of thatch grass and the unbearable  heat from the sun makes learning not conducive. I was told by the head mistress  of this school  that when there are torrential rain fall,  it blows away  he thatch class rooms  and this makes learning  not consistent.  My dream has always  been to put in place libraries  in these schools  encourage readership  and research among pupils.”

Inspired by this story, Eric went on to help the children and young adults maximize their potentials, build life, and most of all, build a legacy! 

Attached you will find pictures of young people  in Cameroon on an adventurous journey to the water falls in Bambili.  They went out to connect with nature,  experience  it’s glory,  have fun and learn about the 17 SDGS of the United Nations.  During this time they  learned a lot of skills,  on team building,  communication  and advocacy.  They were led on this journey  by a seasoned  youth leader Eric Mbotiji. He is the brain  behind the program  to inspire young people  to get fresh inspiration from  nature.  He is one of the coordinators of the Duke of Edinburgh International Awards Cameroon  and chapter president for  Net Impact Bamenda Professional Chapter.  He says on every adventure journey, “they always learn something  new and equally  learn new ways of advocating  for the environment.”